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Natural Roots is a plant-based, bioactive hair coloring treatment that gives 100% gray coverage and makes the color last longer, while protecting and strengthening the hair fiber. Gives gorgeous, natural tones to your hair (ranging from black to different shades of brown and auburn) and increases strength, shine and volume with every application. Provides softness, luster, colored hair with no damage or guilt.

🌱100% naturally-derived

🌱Lasts longer than artificial dyes

🌱Prevents premature graying

🌱Reverses premature graying

🌱Does not increase gray hair

🌱Natural proteins provide softness and nourishment

🌱Helps remove dandruff & increase hair growth

🌱Prevents hair thinning and breakage

🌱Gives UV protection, protection from pollution & maintains luster

🌱Upto 3 applications

🌱Friendly to scalp, skin and hair

🌱Pregnancy safe

Lawsonia Inermis, Natural Orange 6, Eclipta Prostrata (Bhrijrang), Phyllanthus Emblica (Indian Gooseberry), Indigofera Tinctoria, Aloe Barbadensis

1. Read the instructions leaflet provided inside the box to prepare dye paste for the colour of your choice (black/shades of brown/auburn).
2. Protect your hands with gloves provided inside the box.
3. Apply to clean, slightly damp hair from roots to tips. Remember to section your hair and cover roots properly. Apply extra paste on the hair line and sideburns for stubborn grays.
4. Wear the plastic cap provided inside the box. Make sure all hair, including hair line and sideburns, is covered with cap so the paste doesn’t dry during wait time. The dye gives better coverage when paste is moist.
5. To rinse, work on sections of your hair just as you did to apply. Rinse until water runs clear, then wash with shampoo followed by conditioner.
6. Enjoy your gorgeously colored hair, full of volume & luster!

SAFETY: Formulated to color the hair on your head. Can be used on beard. Keep out of eyes. If contact does occur, rinse with warm water. Keep out of reach of children. A patch test is advised to check for allergic reactions with your skin.


Chemical Based Hair Color

Most chemical based hair colors contain PPD, and bleaching agents such as Ammonia and Hydrogen Peroxide. These create capillaries in the hair shaft, reach the cortex of your hair and bleach out its natural pigment. This is, essentially, hair damage. Over treating your hair with these chemicals results in scalp irritation, hair thinning, breakage, roughness, dullness and appearance of more grays ie premature graying. Upkeep of chemically processed hair is expensive and demands a lot of time and care.

Natural Roots-Plant Based Hair Color

Natural Roots is created with an amalgamate of proteins and natural vegetable and plant extracts, which provide the nutrients that give your hair that natural shine and vibrant, healthy color. This meticulously formulated product contains many of the same ingredients that you’d find in a hair mask or treatment. It actually makes your hair stronger! And reverses and prevents pre-mature graying.

. No PPD
. No Ammonia
. No Peroxide
. No Metallic Salt
. No Chemicals
. No Preservatives
. Cruelty-free
. Pregnancy-safe
. For unisex, teens & above